CompTIA Exam Question 36

Question 36

A security administrator has just finished creating a hot site for the company. This implementation relates to which of the following concepts?

A. Confidentiality
B. Availability
C. Succession planning
D. Integrity

Answer: B

CompTIA Exam Question 35

Question 35

Which of the following assessments would Pete, the security administrator, use to actively test that an application’s security controls are in place?

A. Code review
B. Penetration test
C. Protocol analyzer
D. Vulnerability scan

Answer: B

CompTIA: IT Industry Business Confidence Bounces Back


IT executives are more confident in the success of the industry, their own companies and the US economy than at any point this year, according to CompTIA. Reports of renewed optimism in the IT industry come from the recently published CompTIA Industry Business Confidence Index, which rose to 62.1 on a 100 point scale, making Q4 the highest quarter of 2014.

Gains in Confidence Index Industry IT business this quarter is probably attributable to several factors, said Tim Herbert, vice president of research and market intelligence, CompTIA, in a statement. Economic growth has been steady, although the use of IT hassle remains robust; and the wave of innovation that began several years ago is generating strong demand from buyers.

Rate this quarter took into account the responses of 291 US companies in the IT industry of all sizes in an online poll in mid-October, according to the latest index results CompTIA.The while relatively modest given the range of points, up 2 points from the last quarter point measurement meagre 60.1, indicating an increasing amount of trust between the companies.

Component Index Futures projected a profit of 3 extra points, suggesting executives feel generally positive about the business outlook in the next six months, according to the study. However CompTIA quickly pointed out that the poll before the midterm elections conducted earlier this month, so it does not take into account possible changes by the outcome of the election recorded.

The survey results parallel the feeling among many IT companies there are opportunities on many fronts, said MJ Shoer, Chairman of CompTIA. Companies with the right mix of technical expertise and business benefit from strong customer demand for cloud solutions, managed services and security support, to name a few.

While IT executives are confident about their chances than any other time this year, there are some concerns that continue to adversely affect the growth, the report by CompTIA.Forty percent of respondents are concerned that the customers are price sensitive hesitant to spend money on major purchases to spend, and 38 percent extra is concerned about the pressure on margins in a figure that increased by 8 percentage points since Q3 CompTIA survey.

Downward trending prices and commoditization are ever-present realities of doing business in the technology sector, Herbert noted. “This is great for customers, but can present challenges for IT companies, especially those not equipped to wrap services and solutions around their offerings.

It’s important to remember that these concerns, while certainly valid, are among several concerns that plague IT experts on a regular basis. And with the holiday season just around the corner and a new fiscal year on the horizon for many companies, sales are almost guaranteed to increase slightly the next few months are sure to be bright for the industry as a whole.

CompTIA Exam Question 34

Question 34

Configuring the mode, encryption methods, and security associations are part of which of the following?

A. IPSec
B. Full disk encryption
C. 802.1x

Answer: A

CompTIA Adopts Federal Framework For Cybersecurity

The major IT industry group CompTIA has tweaked its security certification program to match the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) cybersecurity framework.


CompTIA has board members from Comcast, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Xerox.Its CompTIA Security Trustmark+ program evaluates companies’ cybersecurity architecture.

We’ve strengthened the underpinnings of the Trustmark so that it aligns with other rigorous security compliance standards,said Nancy Hammervik, CompTIA senior vice president for industry relations.

Industry groups and government departments have been the main proponents of the federal framework. Surveys show small businesses have largely yet to discuss, let alone implement, the guidance for guarding against hackers.

One health IT industry group told NIST that awareness of the framework in the healthcare sector is “modest,” and that adoption is likely to be very small.

Last week, the National Cyber Security Alliance partnered with the International Franchise Association to bring basic cybersecurity measures based on the NIST framework to popular franchises such as 7-Eleven, Dairy Queen, Jiffy Lube, Papa John’s and KFC.

CompTIA has roughly 40 companies in the Trustmark+ program .Hammervik noted those companies undergo independent audits to earn accreditation .Customers can rest assured that their data is being handled by an organization that takes security seriously and professionally,she said.