CompTIA Premier Members Get Free Security Training

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CompTIA provides access to training Prime members free cybersecurity to help meet the need for greater safety awareness among IT workers.

From now on, all the members of CompTIA Premier are eligible to receive 50 free places for CompTIA Ciber ensure current online self-training that familiarizes users with a series of good practice cyber security to protect their business, according to the ad. CompTIA vice president of industry relations Nancy Hammervik says the offer is intended to give members the information needed to protect critical assets for themselves and their customers.

“We wear our Premier Members with the curriculum and the training needed to cover the largest controlling an organization’s security hole – employee behavior,” he said in a statement.

Recent research shows human error is often one of the most important factors of safety violations in the workplace, especially as employees begin to use mobile technology in the office, according to CompTIA. In fact, the company unveiled the results of a study last year found that 45 percent of American workers do not receive any training in cyber security at all of their employers.

Premier Members can choose to use the free places for their own employees or give them to customers. These CompTIA members who are interested in obtaining their free training should contact their representative of a Member or email for more information.
Additional seating for over 50 employees companies can be bought separately.

“The risks are too high and too many organizations ignore threats to the need for greater security fund for training,” said Kelly Ricker, vice president of events and education at CompTIA. “The lessons are delivered with CompTIA CyberSecure relevant for workers in all sectors, be it a small business, a medium-size or large company;. In the public or private sector”

CompTIA Research Finds New Challenges For IT Professionals In The Digital Age


Job requirements and responsibilities of IT professionals are becoming more complicated as organizations become digital,according to new research professionals CompTIA.IT are re-assessing their roles and responsibilities to reorganize and prioritize thanks to the wide range of latest available technological options for organizations,CompTIA States report Building Digital Organisation.

The report gives an insight into five main areas,including market overview,business model analysis,challenges,opportunities and qualitative interviews.The market overview includes the cloud and the role of mobility in the new era of business technology.Cloud and mobility, including new technologies,which projected sales growth in almost all of the IT industry IT destination and typical building systems business inevitably more difficult,thanks to all the technology options and more input is added by business units.

In the analysis of business model, respondents report included as the main driver in the IT business decisions with a crucial role in the decision for the 80 percent of respondents . As for the challenges they will,the selection and application of technologies with zero IT function involvement is a major concern.In terms of opportunities companies certainly see areas where it is the principal owner of the organization.

Companies grow and tasks of the IT infrastructure,integration,intelligence and innovation, including the intelligence and innovation as a strategic path for the IT function.In the qualitative interviews of the report,there were seven main results of CompTIA discovered :

Corporate IT’s power and influence is growing with multiple business leaders, not solely IT, having a say in its direction.
IT’s transformation into an internal service provider is still growing and will require several more years to mature.
The shift from capex to opex with steadily even out.
The security conversation is extending from not only device protection, but to total data protection.
Mobile conversation is extending to the Internet of Things.
Big Data is on the radar, but data-driven decisions are very limited.
Innovation cycles are getting shorter and shorter.

SY0-401 | Three of the primary security control types that can be implemented are.

Question : 18

Three of the primary security control types that can be implemented are.

A. supervisory, subordinate, and peer.
B. personal, procedural, and legal.
C. operational, technical, and management.
D. mandatory, discretionary, and permanent.

Answer : C

CompTIA : Mobility Skills Lacking in Channel

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Solution providers are not required to provide their customers with the skills to support the development of mobile applications, so Seth Robinson, director of industry analysis for the CompTIA.As mobility is becoming increasingly important, the solution providers, traditionally with customers on cloud strategies may have worked, are always behind those terms of mobility left, Robinson told CompTIA.

We see a significant difference in the number of companies, the solution provider that is used for its mobility strategy compared to those who are with them for a cloud strategy, Robinson said. I think what has happened here in the last year or so is that business mobility strategy and not just concentrate on sales of these devices and deepening try to secure these devices with MDM.

You try them. Part of a new workflow.As result users expect a higher level of efficiency of their mobile devices,with the hope that this efficiency to allow their employees to be more productive to do However, this means that customers in the demand for mobile application development,that’s where things get difficult to always solution providers,Robinson said.

For mobility above all,I think that is the key point where solution providers have the skills that companies are looking for as many solution providers have done no program development before, much less in the mobile space,he said.The data and safety are also areas where solution providers lags behind the industry,Robinson said,especially when it keep pace with where the industry is going and what companies are doing is in the data and security areas.

Obviously you have solution providers who work and security with data solutions, but these two areas is changing dramatically and solution providers need to change just as quickly if they want to keep up with the current pace of things and able to provide their clients or potential clients to help,he said.The comments by the CompTIA latest research building digital organizations come,they found that new technological possibilities that organizations, particularly in cloud and mobility arenas,leading experts to rethink its role and re-prioritize tasks according to CompTIA are.

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