SY0-401 Sample Question : 5

Question : 5

Which of the following can result in significant administrative overhead from incorrect reporting?

A. Job rotation
B. Acceptable usage policies
C. False positives
D. Mandatory vacations

Answer : C

CompTIA Announces New Linux+ Exams


CompTIA announced the launch of new tests for CompTIA Linux + Powered by LPI certification to help high school level Linux administrators to improve their technical skills.

The new tests are the latest content on changes in the basic and processes used by the administrators of Linux,such as the development of IPv6 and the use of Linux in cloud-based environments technologies.The tests will also focus on providing executives with knowledge of security and additional troubleshooting,after the announcement.

The tests were developed by CompTIA and Linux Professional Institute,an organization of independent Linux certification vendor.Every professional certification can be obtained by tests when used as both LPIC 1 coupon and SUSE Certified Linux Administrator to be recognized. CompTIA has more than 22,000 professionals certified by the program, according to the press release.

CompTIA said that his tests help managers for the increasing demand for qualified Linux professionals to qualify in the IT industry.Certification is expected as a turning point for IT professionals, the embedded high-level jobs.Linux now it is a part of the guide are migration, aid James Stanger,senior director of product management at CompTIA, in a statement. The most hot work on IT staff today direct or closely together with Linux.

IT professionals need to pass two exams to CompTIA Linux+ certification.CompTIA recommends that all candidates whether CompTIA A+ and Network+ certification before taking exams,in addition to a minimum of 12 months of practical experience in the administration of Linux. Full details of the tests available on the website of CompTIA available with preparation materials are expected to be released in the coming weeks by several partners CompTIA.

Last month,CompTIA announced it had its portfolio of online certification CertMaster with the addition of a new CompTIA Network+ to IT professionals develop skills in key areas such as software-defined networking, cloud and virtualization expanded Segmentation of physical and virtual network management of mobile and wireless devices.

SY0-401 Sample Question : 4

Question : 4

Which of the following would a security administrator implement in order to identify a problem between two systems that are not communicating properly?

A. Protocol analyzer
B. Baseline report
C. Risk assessment
D. Vulnerability scan

Answer : A

SY0-401 Sample Question : 3

Question : 3

Which of the following can a security administrator implement on mobile devices that will help prevent unwanted people from viewing the data if the device is left unattended?

A. Screen lock
B. Voice encryption
C. GPS tracking
D. Device encryption

Answer : A

SY0-401 Sample Question : 2

Question : 2

A Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) wants to implement two-factor authentication within the company.Which of the following would fulfill the CISO’s requirements?

A. Username and password
B. Retina scan and fingerprint scan
C. USB token and PIN
D. Proximity badge and token

Answer : C