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Without beating the proverbial dead horse whose name begins with the letter C, I would draw your attention to an area in which many AV integrators and professionals do not have enough time for familiarity and immersion in the focus IT certifications.There are a handful of certifications in the AV world available to us,but what is beyond? In the IT industry,there is a certification that you probably never heard of,every corner lurks the streets of the massive industry.But where do you start? As you can see, embracing the industry,regardless overwhelmed with the decades of testing and certification?

IT certification can not be mentioned without hearing the word of CompTIA. CompTIA certification exam the first in 1993 under the name of A+.Since then it is one of the non-profit involved in the development of many other manufacturer-neutral testing and certification accredited by ANSI.I do not work for or represent the CompTIA in any way,but their victims are interesting,especially in view of AV integrators interested in IT-savvy.This post will provide a brief understanding of three of its most popular certification exams.


Today, the A+ is one of the most common entry-level IT certifications. It’s the way many junior-level technicians get their foot into the industry. The exam covers a lot of maintenance, basic networking, hardware, and operating system configurations. While an A+ certification won’t revolutionize your career, it’s a great study path and certification to give you a basic understanding of IT if you’re not too familiar with the industry in general.


Recommended for individuals with an A+ or nine months of networking experience, the Network+ certification is the next tier of the CompTIA ladder. Studying for this exam just may have you reciting the 7-layer OSI model in your sleep. This can also be considered a good milestone goal for integrators involved in video conferencing protocols, streaming, and other network intensive AV projects. With a good background in IT, many individuals integrating networked AV into a network or experience working with IT may want to consider starting here.


If it harden to the professional networking security systems, ethical hacking and conducting cyber forensic livelihood comes, Security+ is an entry in the network security and the first certification in the Road to the CISSP certification or a different level.For everyone else,this review and its objectives most of what we know about network security,as it usually work with IT staff to get the device into their networks and hardening them as needed. CompTIA suggests at least two years of experience in IT management, especially security, before this test.


Regardless of how you take it, at least you should consider getting a certification or two to his resume. IT staff appreciate the opportunity to have their language, and the growth of confidence to speak, when it comes to sense of self.CompTIA is to see a good organization, especially for the listings in the category,but there are some other vendor-neutral and vendor-specific options. Releases CramMaster for the CompTIA Cloud+ Certification

SY0-301 Dumps, a leader in training and test preparation for IT certification, announced today the addition of theCompTIA Cloud+ CramMaster to its vast library of products.Unlike the CompTIA Cloud Essentials, which targets entry level professionals with 6 months or less experience in IT or related business fields, the CompTIA Cloud+ is a standard to professional level certification, ranking somewhere between A+ and Network+/Security+ level. This exam targets individuals that have 24-36 months experience in an IT related field, with specific targeting of networking and security personnel.


A manager of an IT sales team might also qualify, but this is more of a technical based certification that examines real world implementation skills.It certifies the knowledge to implement, secure and manage Cloud-based technologies.The CompTIA Cloud+ exam will certify that the successful candidate has the knowledge and skills required to understand standard Cloud terminologies/methodologies, to implement, maintain, and deliver cloud technologies and infrastructures (e.g. server, network, storage, and virtualization technologies), and to understand aspects of IT security and use of industry best practices related to cloud implementations and the application of virtualization.

The CompTIA Cloud+ CramMaster contains over 350 questions to test ones skills and knowledge in preparation for the exam.SY0-301 Dumps triple testing methodology is included with every practice exam complete with assessment reports, adaptive drills, and exam quality simulations.

CramMaster covers the following seven official CompTIA objectives:

  •     Cloud Concepts and Models
  •     Virtualization
  •     Infrastructure
  •     Resource Management
  •     Security
  •     Systems Management
  •     Business Continuity in the Cloud

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CompTIA: 86% of MPS Providers Expect Their Businesses to Grow

CompTIA study new trends in managed print found most managed print services (MPS) provider are optimistic about the growth opportunities.The study showed 86 percent of MPS providers expect growth in the next 12 months and a third of these companies expect significant growth of 10 percent or more.

Comptia-logoThis confirms the importance of the sale of the IT department,Tim Herbert,CompTIA vice president of research and market information prepared in a statement.Ensure buy-in across the organization is probably at increased long-term commitment to print.This administered can open doors for such as document management and business process automation advanced options.

Other CompTIA findings included:

  • 98 percent of U.S. workers printed at least once during the past quarter.
  • More than half of companies categorized their print volumes as moderate to very high.
  • About half of the end user companies surveyed said they were familiar with MPS.
  • Researchers said the penetration rate of MPS was about 36 percent, and large firms (500-plus employees) reported adoption of MPS at more than twice the rate of small companies.
  • 42 percent of channel companies reported direct involvement with MPS as one element in a broader solutions portfolio.
  • Within the U.S. IT channel, about 10 percent of firms classified themselves as MPS providers.

CompTIA also noted 84 percent of MPS users said they were satisfied with their experiences, and the top-rated MPS attributes included:

  • Consistency and reliability of service (90 percent customer satisfaction rating)
  • Quality of customer service (90 percent)
  • Freeing up staff time (87 percent)
  • Reporting and visibility (84 percent)
  • Speed of service and support (83 percent)

The CompTIA study included responses from 600 U.S. and Canadian IT business executives who are responsible for technical or strategic decisions affecting print or document management at their company.

What does the future hold for MPS providers?

The MPS market could expand over the next few years, which is reflected in an April 2014 Research and Markets report. Research and Markets said it expects the MPS market to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10.75 percent between 2012 and 2016.The research firm added many enterprises are adopting a cloud-based MPS model, a trend that is likely to continue.

CompTIA Exam Queston 31

CompTIA Question :

Use of group accounts should be minimized to ensure which of the following?

A.Password security
B.Regular auditing
C.Baseline management
D.Individual accountability

Answer: D

Breaking Down The CompTIA Security+

During the last ten years or so,computer security has exploded as a field,both in terms of the complexity and breadth of the field,and the opportunities available for IT professionals focused security.Safety is an integral part of all IT,network management, to web,application and database development.But even with the utmost attention to safety,there is still much to do in the area,and opportunities for IT professionals in mind safety is not likely to diminish in the foreseeable future.

CompTiaSecurityPlus1-640x250For those who already look to the field of IT security,or to improve your career,there are a number of certifications and training opportunities for those wishing to learn about IT-security and show that knowledge of the available current and potential entrepreneurs.However,many IT security certifications requires a higher level of knowledge,experience and commitment that might be beyond the reach of many new IT professionals.

A good certification to demonstrate basic knowledge of security is the CompTIA Security +certification.Unlike other certifications,such as CISSPor theCISM the Security+ has no experience or prerequisites required,although CompTIA not recommend that candidates have at least two years of experience with network security in general and in particular.Also suggest that CompTIA Security+ candidates to obtain the CompTIA Network +certification,but not required.

Although the Security + certification is an entry-level than others,a valuable certification remains in their own right.Indeed,the Security + certification is a must for the Department of Defense United States,and is accredited by both the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).Another advantage of the Security+ is that it focus regardless of the vendor,instead choosing to safety issues and technologies in general,without their focus on any provider and approach.

Topics Covered by the Security+ Examination

The Security+ certification is basically a generalist means that knowledge of the candidates evaluated in a number of areas of knowledge,as opposed to a focus on the IT sector.So instead maintain a focus on application security only,for example,questions about the Security+ cover a wider range of issues, in line with the defined by CompTIA.

  • Network Security (21%)
  • Compliance and operational security (18%)
  • Threats and vulnerabilities (21%)
  • Application, Data, and Host Security (16%)
  • Access control and identity management (13%)
  • Cryptography (11%)

The exam provides questions from all of the domains above,although it is somewhat weighted to give more emphasis on some areas.For example,you can expect more questions on network security as opposed to cryptography,for example.That said,you shouldn’t necessarily focus your studying on any one area,especially if it leads you to exclude any of the others.A good, broad knowledge of all the domains listed above remains the best way to be prepared for the test.

The Exam

There is only one exam required to earn the Security+ certification. That exam (exam SY0-301) is comprised of 100 questions, and is provided over a 90-minute period. The grading scale is from 100 to 900, with a passing score of 750, or roughly 83% (although that’s just an estimate, because the scale changes somewhat over time).

Next Steps

In addition to the Security+, CompTIA offers a more advanced certification, theCompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP), providing a progressive certification path for those who want to continue their security career and studies. Like the Security+, the CASP covers security knowledge across a number of knowledge domains, but the depth and complexity of the questions asked on the CASP exam exceed those of the Security+.

Training In U.KCompTIA also offers numerous certifications in other areas of IT as well, including networking, project management and systems administration. And, if security is your chosen field, you might consider other certifications such as the CISSP, CEH, or a vendor-based certification such as the Cisco CCNA Security orCheck Point Certified Security Administrator (CCSA), to extend and deepen your knowledge of security.