CompTIA Exam Question 38

Question 38

Which of the following is used to certify intermediate authorities in a large PKI deployment?

A. Root CA
B. Recovery agent
C. Root user
D. Key escrow

Answer : A

CompTIA CertMaster Expands Product Line with Addition of CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam


CompTIA, information technology (IT) industry association and leading provider of neutral skills certifications for IT personnel provider, today announced the latest addition to its portfolio of CompTIA CertMaster.CompTIA A CertMaster training course is now available for CompTIA IT fundamentals, the latest available certification association.

CompTIA IT Essentials includes a range of IT topics and provides a solid foundation in the fundamentals of computer technology.Certification is for multiple audiences, including relevant:

• Organizations that want to promote and verify basic fluency in IT terminology and concepts among their employees.
• Individuals whose jobs require them to have a foundational level understanding of IT terminology.
• Students and adult career changers considering a career in IT.

Digital literacy and a basic understanding of the technology are valuable skills that we in the workplace of today and tomorrow, “said Thomas Reilly, vice president of platform CompTIA Learning. The CertMaster a method that makes learning this is accessible, effective and fun skills “Reilly on. “The acquisition of credentials CompTIA IT Fundamentals is a way to verify that the knowledge learned.

CompTIA CertMaster is an online solution that helps on the confidence of learning, people learn and retain information more effectively. The software combines the basic principles of neuroscience, neurobiology, cognitive psychology and gambling study to help users not only dominates the material that they need to know to memorize. With CompTIA CertMaster students can quickly master relevant issues so that they are better prepared in the short term for the certification exams such as IT Essentials CompTIA test. Equally important, the tool helps build greater long-term retention of what they have learned, so that they apply this knowledge in the future, while at work.

The CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam consists of five major categories of technology: software, hardware, security, networking, and computer skills. Complete audit objectives are in CompTIA Certification website.CompTIA CertMaster is for the CompTIA A+, Network +, Security + currently available and IT Fundamentals exam. Additional courses will be added in the coming months.

About CompTIA

CompTIA is the voice of the world’s information technology (ICT) industry. Its members are the companies at the forefront of innovation; and the professionals responsible for maximizing the benefits organizations receive from their investments in technology. CompTIA is dedicated to advancing industry growth through its educational programs, market research, networking events, professional certifications, and public policy advocacy. For more information, visit CompTIA online and on Facebook, LinkedIn andTwitter.

CompTIA Exam Question 37

Question 37

In the initial stages of an incident response, Matt, the security administrator, was provided the hard drives in question from the incident manager. Which of the following incident response procedures would he need to perform in order to begin the analysis? (Select TWO).

A. Take hashes
B. Begin the chain of custody paperwork
C. Take screen shots
D. Capture the system image
E. Decompile suspicious files

Answer : AD

CompTIA Security Experts Offer Common Sense Tips for Secure Online Shopping


With millions of consumers willing to spend billions of dollars in online purchases in the coming weeks, CompTIA, the association of the IT industry today offered some tips Shopper simple sense, common to experience secure online shopping.

With the excitement of the season and the rush to go Christmas shopping, it’s easy to make your online surveillance sliding said Todd Thibodeaux, president and CEO of CompTIA. “By knowing what is in the search for and some simple precautions you can greatly reduce your chances of becoming a victim of security experts from industry cybercrime.IT to serve on the Executive Committee of IT security community common CompTIA these instructions to shopping online safe and secure.

Look For The Lock

Before providing personal information and credit card data make sure that the website’s URL starts with https:// and displays a small locked padlock icon.This identifies the website as having a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) Certificate, said Chris Johnson, CEO, Untangled Solutions. Using SSL encrypts the exchange of information, such as your credit card, so others cannot read it.

Check Before You Click  

Consumers are inundated with emails about discounts, free gift cards, sales and special promotions. While some are legitimate offers, many others are covers for cyber criminals and scammers. The adage “If it sounds too good to be true,it probably is applies in the digital universe,too.Before click a suspicious link, mouse over the link to see if the actual link is actually the same link being shown, said Scott Barlow, vice president of sales and marketing, Reflexion Networks. If in doubt, go to the URL of trust by opening your browser and type the website address to verify its legitimacy.

Protect Passwords And PINs 

For each card has assigned a PIN, you can change the PIN, if you’ve been using it for a long time.Changing a PIN that is harder to guess and more than four digits if the issuer of your card should be possible, it is a small step that can significantly improve their safety, advised Stephen Cobb, Security Evangelist, ESET LLC.Longer and harder to guess, it is also good advice for setting passwords and pass phrases you use to access their accounts online, either by your cell phone, laptop or tablet.

Avoid Shopping On Open Wi-Fi Networks 

The convenience of public Wi-Fi networks in cafes, hotels,shopping malls and stores due to lower down.Even guard if these networks have a password, are not as safe as you think not,said Dean Sorensen,Consultant principal and Chief Strategy secure technology,Inc.They share the network with other people in the vicinity of coverage,which means that your data is in danger. It’s surprisingly easy to steal username and password to someone, or see what they do so only by relying on the same network.

Stay Alert  

Set up automated alerts on your bank and credit cards to track purchases.This is one of the strongest actions you can take to avoid nefarious activity, said Sorensen.Large charges are not the only problem. Some thieves use the cards for small charges that are more likely to be overlooked or when the credit card is not present, such as a  web purchase.

CompTIA Exam Question 36

Question 36

A security administrator has just finished creating a hot site for the company. This implementation relates to which of the following concepts?

A. Confidentiality
B. Availability
C. Succession planning
D. Integrity

Answer: B